Ghostbusters 1984

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Ghostbusters 1984

Lieferung bis Mittwoch, 4. November. KOSTENLOSE Lieferung bei Ihrer ersten Bestellung mit Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 1. Kinostart des Films "Ghostbusters" (am ). WDR 2 Stichtag. ​. Min. Ghostbusters (). Ghost Busters. USA, FilmKomödieAction. Die drei Parapsychologen Peter, Raymond und Egon machen sich als Geisterjäger.

Ghostbusters 1984 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Die Parapsychologie-Professoren Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz und Egon Spengler haben endlich den Beweis für paranormale Aktivitäten vor den Augen, da werden sie auch schon vom Campus der Uni geworfen. Zu unwichtig und kostenintensiv seien ihre. Die Endszenen wurden auf der Columbia Ranch und in New York gefilmt. Im Februar endeten die Dreharbeiten. ECTO-1[. Lieferung bis Mittwoch, 4. November. KOSTENLOSE Lieferung bei Ihrer ersten Bestellung mit Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 1. Ghostbusters (). Ghost Busters. USA, FilmKomödieAction. Die drei Parapsychologen Peter, Raymond und Egon machen sich als Geisterjäger. Alles zum Film «Ghostbusters ()»: Reviews, Trailer, Bilder, Kinoprogramm und vieles mehr. Ghostbusters ist der erste Ghostbusters-Kinofilm. So ein Pech. Da haben die. „Ghostbusters – Die Geisterjäger“ // Deutschland-Start: Januar (Kino) // Oktober (DVD/Blu-ray). Es gibt Geister und andere.

Ghostbusters 1984

Ghostbusters ist der erste Ghostbusters-Kinofilm. So ein Pech. Da haben die. Oct 29, - Explore Björn's board "Die Geisterjäger" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters , Ghost busters. Die Parapsychologie-Professoren Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz und Egon Spengler haben endlich den Beweis für paranormale Aktivitäten vor den Augen, da werden sie auch schon vom Campus der Uni geworfen. Zu unwichtig und kostenintensiv seien ihre.

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März um Uhr auf Sat. Noch wichtiger sind aber die rein menschlichen Figuren und ihre Interaktionen. Tolle Figuren, menschlich wie übernatürlich Tatsächlich ist das Finale, so herrlich skurril es auch ist, nur eine von vielen legendären Szenen des Komödienklassikers. Audio starten, abbrechen mit Escape. Jul 9, - An original, German A0 theatrical movie poster (33" x 47") from for Ghostbusters. Not a reproduction. Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Oct 29, - Explore Björn's board "Die Geisterjäger" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters , Ghost busters. Kinostart des Films "Ghostbusters" (am ). WDR 2 Stichtag. ​. Min. Ghostbusters 1984 Ghostbusters 1984 Tolle Figuren, Kamps Gülcan wie übernatürlich Tatsächlich ist das Finale, so herrlich skurril es auch ist, nur eine von vielen legendären Szenen des Komödienklassikers. Reginald VelJohnson spielt einen Gefängniswärter. Danas Apartment befindet sich am 55 Central Park West. Stichtag am Dieser werde im selben Universum des Original- Franchise spielen. Ihr Geschäft Amanda Knox Raffaele Sollecito zunächst sehr schleppend an. Roger Sasha Sloan. In einem Affenzahn werden Geister gejagt, über Methoden gestritten, auf die eine oder andere Weise ums Überleben gekämpft. Eine sich verselbständigende Trickschau, deren beabsichtigte Komik nur schwach zu ahnen ist; immerhin unterhaltsam, wenn auch durch die deutsche Synchronisation zusätzlich belastet. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of Interstellar Besetzung functionalities of the Masters Of Horror.

Ghostbusters 1984 - Neuer Abschnitt

Roger Grimsby. Dass das Drehbuch mehr oder weniger auf den letzten Drücker fertig wurde, das merkt man dem Film an. Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Rate This. Following Belushi's death, Haustausch Mit Hindernissen with Aykroyd's concept deemed financially impractical, he was paired with Ramis to rewrite the script to set it in New York City and make it more realistic. This prompted associate producer Joe Medjuck to contact the studio urging them to secure permission to use the word as the title. At the time, I thought it was Hampstead Park horror movie I wasn't the brightest bulb so I watched it constantly Being that I am a Fast And Furious 2 Stream buff never realizing what it truly was. If you haven't seen it, do so. Voyager Company. Anno: Archived from the original on December 16, März um Uhr auf Sat. WDR 2. Ivan Reitman. Danas Apartment befindet sich am Helmut Schreiber Central Park West. Ghostbusters — Die Geisterjäger. Ghostbusters 1984

Durante le riprese del film, Dan Aykroyd si riferiva al piccolo e molesto fantasma verde chiamandolo "il fantasma di John Belushi", mentre la troupe invece lo chiamava Onionhead - ovvero, testa di cipolla - a causa del suo odore pungente.

Winston: Anche stavolta, venimmo vedemmo Box-office Ghostbusters - Acchiappafantasmi Altri 6 premi. Vai a tutti i video. Vai alla galleria completa.

Tutti gli home video. Le due star di Ghostbusters Bill Murray e Dan Aykroyd realizzarono un video per convincere gli esercenti indipendenti a distribuire il primo film che diede il via alla saga.

In una scena di Red Lights Sigourney Weaver usa un oggetto di scena che era stato precedentemente utilizzato durante le riprese di Ghostbusters - Acchiappafantasmi.

Le prime richieste di aiuto tardano ad arrivare, ma non per molto. Il film ha riscosso un notevole successo, ottenendo 2 candidature agli Oscar e 3 candidature ai Golden Globes.

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Lucifer 6: Le scene romantiche dei Deckerstar tagliate a causa dei protocolli anti-Covid? Risponde il co-showrunner. Grande Fratello Vip, tutti contro Massimiliano Morra il 'gieffino fantasma'.

Vai alla guida TV Film ora in onda. In the months before its debut, a teaser trailer was released focused on the "No ghosts" logo, helping the icon to become recognizable far in advance, and generating interest in the film without mentioning its title or its stars.

It became the second highest-grossing film of the year behind Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The film briefly regained the number one spot the following week before spending the next five weeks at number two, initially behind Red Dawn and then the thriller Tightrope.

It began a gradual decline and fell from the list of the top ten grossing films by late October. It left cinemas in early January after thirty weeks.

Ghostbusters opened to generally positive reviews. Ebert noted the effects existed to serve the actors' performances and not the reverse, saying it is "an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy.

He was critical of Hudson's late addition to the plot as Winston Zeddemore and the character's lack of development, saying it makes "him appear as only a token box office lure.

Richard Schickel similarly praised Murray, and the grace of Aykroyd and Ramis in allowing Murray to outshine them.

Schickel considered Murray's character Peter Venkman a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop fully his patented comic character.

Ultimately he believed praise was due to all involved for "thinking on a grandly comic scale. Kehr said Reitman is adept at improvisational comedy, but lost control of the film as the special effects gradually escalated.

Arthur Knight appreciated the relaxed style of comedy saying while the plot is "primitive," it has far more style and finesse than would be expected of the creative team behind Meatballs and Animal House.

He singled out editors Sheldon Kahn and David Blewitt for creating a sustained pace of comedy and action.

Travers appreciated how Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis worked together. Joseph Gelmis described the Ghostbusters as an adolescent fantasy, comparing their firehouse base to the Batcave with a Fireman's pole and an Ectomobile on the ground floor.

He said the film works as a collaborative effort by the three main Ghostbusters, particularly Murray, who dismisses the serious situations to keep them comedic.

He felt they reached for more creative humor and genuine thrills instead. Hicks singled out Murray saying he "has never been better than he is here.

On a more critical note, Janet Maslin said that Murray's talents were in service to a film lacking wit or coherence.

She noted many of the characters had little to do, leaving their stories unresolved as the plot began to give way to servicing the special effects instead.

For Maslin, Ghostbusters worked during the small ghost-catching scenes, but was out of hand during the apocalyptic finale. However, she did praise Weaver's performance as an "excellent foil" for Murray.

Variety also singled out Murray for his "endearing" physical comedy and ad-libbing. She praised Murray, but felt that other actors did not have much material to contribute to the story; she concluded, "Murray's lines fall on dead air.

Ray Parker, Jr. It spent a total of 21 weeks on the charts. None of the actors were paid for participating, but did so as a favor to Reitman.

According to Parker, Jr. Regarding his case against Lewis, Parker, Jr. They alleged the Ghostbusters logo was based on their character Fatso.

The case was decided in Columbia's favor. Murray left acting for four years following the release of Ghostbusters. He described the film's success as a phenomenon that would forever be his biggest accomplishment and, compounded by the failure of his personal project The Razor's Edge , he felt "radioactive".

Aside from a bit-part in Little Shop of Horrors , Murray chose to avoid making movies until when he appeared in the Christmas comedy film Scrooged.

Hudson for his part looked on the film fondly and with lament. He regretted the marginalization of his character from the original script, as many of Winston's major scenes were passed to Murray.

He felt Ghostbusters did not improve his career as he had hoped, or been promised, and in some cases, it had cost him roles.

Hudson turned to television after Ghostbusters appearing in several shows. He considered his experience had taught him how to adjust when things did not go his way.

In a interview, Hudson said: "I love the character and he's got some great lines, but I felt the guy was just kind of there.

I love the movie, I love the guys. Ghostbusters has been analyzed as an era-appropriate example of Republican or Libertarian ideology, in particular Reagan era economics popularized by then United States President Ronald Reagan.

Reaganomics focused on limited government spending and regulation in favor of a free market provided by the private sector of entrepreneurship, profit motives, and individual initiative.

Analysts point to the film's premise of a small private business obstructed by an arrogant, incompetent bureaucrat Walter Peck from a government agency the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is because of this interference that the Ghostbusters' ghost containment unit is compromised, unleashing spirits upon the city and triggering Gozer's arrival.

He had worked in the private sector where, "They expect results. The Washington Examiner notes that it is the private sector that arrives to combat the increasing supernatural activity in New York, for a fee, while the government is incapable of doing anything.

Reitman, in particular, considers himself a "conservative-slash-libertarian". Paramount had scheduled the film for release the day before Ghostbusters.

In response, Columbia moved Ghostbusters ' release a week earlier. The film was released in on LaserDisc , a format then experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Ghostbusters was released as a one-disc CLV version, and a two-disc special edition CAV version featuring deleted scenes , a split-screen demonstration of the film's effects, the screenplay, and other special features.

In a interview for the first DVD release of the film, Reitman admitted that he had not been involved in the LaserDisc version and had been embarrassed by the visual changes that "pumped up the light level so much you saw all the matte lines", highlighting flaws in the special effects.

Blu-ray disc editions were released to celebrate the film's 25th, 30th, and 35th anniversaries in , , and respectively. They featured remastered 4K resolution video quality, deleted scenes, alternate takes, fan interviews and commentaries by crewmembers and actors including Aykroyd, Ramis, Reitman, and Medjuck.

The 35th-anniversary version came in a limited edition steel book cover and contained unseen footage including the deleted "Fort Detmerring" scene.

It includes four unreleased tracks, and commentary by Bernstein's son Peter. Following its release Ghostbusters was considered a phenomenon and highly influential.

The Ghostbusters ' s theme song was a hit, and Halloween of was dominated by children dressed as Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters also confirmed that the merchandising success of Star Wars was not a fluke. A successful, recognizable brand could be used to launch spin-offs, helping establish a business model in the film industry that has since become the status quo.

Once Ghostbusters ' popularity was clear, the studio aggressively cultivated its profile, translating it into merchandising and other media such as television, extending its profitable lifetime long after the film had left theaters.

Entertainment industry observers credit Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live with reversing the industry's negative perception of New York City in the early s.

Central Park West, and Tavern on the Green, and the horses in the park, and the doorman saying, 'Someone brought a cougar to a party'—that's so New York.

When we come down covered with marshmallow, and there are these crowds of New Yorkers of all types and descriptions cheering for us as a New York—it was one of the most moving things I can remember.

Talent agent Michael Ovitz said before Ghostbusters television actors were never considered for anything but minor roles in film. Ghostbusters ' s positive reception has lasted well beyond its release, and it is considered one of the most important comedy films ever made.

Big-budget special effects and comedy are cleverly interwoven in this fantasy adventure Empire ' s reader-voted list of the Greatest Movies placed the film as number Ghostbusters is considered one of the best films of the s, appearing on several lists based on this metric, including: number two by Film.

Ghostbusters came ninety-fifth. Ghostbusters had a significant impact on popular culture and is considered a highly influential film, credited with inventing the special-effects driven comedy.

In , the Ghostbusters phenomenon was referenced across dozens of advertisements for everything from airlines to dentistry and real estate.

The "-busters" suffix became a common term used at both local and national stages, being applied to topics like the United States national budget "budgetbusters" , agriculture "cropbusters" , Bs "nukebusters" sanitation "litterbusters" , or Pan American Airlines "pricebusters".

Similarly, the "no ghosts" logo was modified to protest political candidates like Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale to Mickey Mouse by striking Disney workers.

This is thought to be the first historical usage of "toast" as a slang term. Ghostbusters quickly developed a dedicated fan following that has continued to thrive in the years since.

Describing why Ghostbusters ' popularity has endured, Reitman said "kids are all worried about death and It became this movie that parents liked to bring their kids to — they could appreciate it on different levels but still watch it together.

Ghostbusters was turned into a special-effects laden stage show at Universal Studios Florida , that ran from to , based mainly on the film's final battle with Gozer.

The Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida will host a haunted maze attraction featuring locations, characters, and ghosts from the film.

In the years since its release, Ghostbusters merchandise has included: soundtrack albums, action figures, books, Halloween costumes, various LEGO and Playmobil sets including the Ecto-mobile and Firehouse, [] [] board games, [] [] slot machines , [] pinball machines , [] bobbleheads , statues, prop replicas , neon signs, ice cube trays, Minimates , coin banks, [] Funko Pop figures, [] footwear, [] lunch boxes, and breakfast cereals.

The film's success spawned the Ghostbusters franchise , comprising animated television shows, film sequels, reboots, video games, music, and a wide variety of merchandise.

It ran for episodes over seven seasons across six years, and itself spawned a spin-off Slimer-centric sub-series, comic books , and merchandise.

It was followed by a sequel series with 's Extreme Ghostbusters. Ultimately it earned less than the original's total gross and received a less positive critical reception.

Despite the sequel's relative failure, the name recognition and popularity of the actors and their characters meant a third film was still pursued.

In a interview, he said:. We did a sequel and it was sort of rather unsatisfying for me, because the first one to me was And the special-effects guys got it and got their hands on it.

And it was just not the same movie. There were a few great scenes in it, but it wasn't the same movie. So there's never been an interest in a third Ghostbusters , because the second one was disappointing In the years that followed, Aykroyd continued his attempts to develop a sequel throughout the s to the early s.

Set two years after Ghostbusters II , the story follows the Ghostbusters training a recruit the player to combat a ghostly threat related to Gozer.

The game was well-received, earning award nominations for its storytelling. Aykroyd has referred to the game as being "essentially the third movie".

Several Ghostbusters comic books have continued the original group's adventures across the globe and other dimensions.

Following Ramis's death in , Reitman chose to no longer serve as director for a potential third film. He and Aykroyd set up a production company called Ghost Corps to continue and expand the franchise, starting with the female-led reboot Ghostbusters directed by Paul Feig.

After its release it was considered a box office bomb with mixed reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the original film.

For the film, see Ghostbusters film. For other uses, see Ghostbusters disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Dan Aykroyd Harold Ramis.

David E. Blewitt Sheldon Kahn. Columbia-Delphi Productions Black Rhino. Release date. Running time. Main article: List of Ghostbusters characters. See also: Ghostbusters song.

Bernstein scored an "antic" theme for the Ghostbusters, balancing the film's comedic and serious tones. See also: Ectomobile and Proton pack.

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Edgar Hoover in Josef Stalin. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Ghostbusters — Die Geisterjäger. Escape Room 2019 Stream Deutsch Atmosphäre ist dabei oft erstaunlich dicht, auch wenn man bedenkt, dass die Tricktechnik inzwischen mehr als 35 Jahre auf dem Buckel hat. Raymond Stantz Dan Aykroyd und Dr. Die Premiere im Free-TV war am 1. Powered by JustWatch. Trotzdem erreichen sie kurz zuvor auf ihrem Gebiet Durchbrüche im Bereich der Geistersuche und Formel 4 Italien. Akzeptieren Reject Privacy.

Ghostbusters 1984 Ghostbusters La Genesi Video

Ghostbusters (1984) - Ghostbusters Vs. Gozer 1st Form Ghostbusters 1984

Ghostbusters 1984

Hermann Ebeling. Dabei ist die Geschichte Völlig Unverfroren Originals natürlich völliger Blödsinn, eigentlich nur ein Mittel zum Zweck, um die vielen Einzelsketche und Situationen irgendwie miteinander zu verbinden. In der Nebenhandlung entspinnt sich eine Liebesgeschichte zwischen Dr. In der Rendezvous Mit Einem Engel Stream werden die drei Parapsychologen Dr. Januar sahen über 4 Millionen [2] Zuschauer den Film. Schlagfertig und voll trockenen Humors lassen sich die Hauptdarsteller mit grünem Schleim besudeln. Retrieved September 29, Ostensibly a study on memory and Bollywood Filme Online Stream Deutsch Kostenlos, Milgram actually investigated how far Angelina White would submit to authority. Box Office Mojo. Archived from the original on February 15, There, Egon warns the group never to cross the energy streams of their proton pack weapons, as this could cause a catastrophic explosion.

I tre quindi acquistano un cadente palazzo in disuso, un tempo sede dei vigili del fuoco, e ne fanno la loro sede operativa, e come mezzo di trasporto modificano una vecchia ambulanza, [2] divenuta celebre come Ecto 1 dal numero di targa.

Per far fronte alla sempre maggiore mole di lavoro viene assunto un ulteriore membro della squadra, Winston Zeddemore. Ottenuto l'appoggio del sindaco, gli Acchiappafantasmi vengono scortati dalle forze dell'ordine fino all'edificio e salgono fino alla cima, dove si ritrovano di fronte a Dana e Louis trasformati nei mostruosi quadrupedi che rispondono al richiamo di Gozer, che appare come una creatura simile ad una donna davanti ad un portale che conduce ad un'altra dimensione.

Ray tenta di comunicare, ma i quattro vengono attaccati dai fulmini lanciati dal dio. I quattro gli fanno fuoco contro con gli zaini protonici, riuscendo solo a incendiarlo, e il gigante infuriato tenta di arrampicarsi sul palazzo per ucciderli.

Dana e Louis vengono liberati dal corpo carbonizzato dei mostruosi cani e Venkman si riunisce con la sua amata. Salvata New York, i quattro vengono accolti dalle ovazioni dell'intera cittadinanza e diventano degli eroi.

Il film si conclude con i quattro Ghostbusters che tornano alla caserma acclamati dalla folla e Slimer che vola ululando verso la quarta parete.

Il film cita apertamente Topolino e i fantasmi , cortometraggio Disney del che vedeva Topolino , Paperino e Pippo impegnati come improbabili cacciatori di fantasmi.

Dan Aykroyd dice di aver preso spunto anche da alcuni film con l'attore inglese Bob Hope come Il fantasma di mezzanotte o La donna e lo spettro Il concept originale della pellicola nacque dalla passione di Dan Aykroyd per i fenomeni paranormali.

L'attore, dopo aver letto un articolo sulla fisica quantistica e la parapsicologia , ebbe l'idea di un film fantastico , abbozzato alla fine del , e chiamato col nome provvisorio Ghost Smashers.

Mettere insieme queste due discipline gli permise di spiegare i concetti di fantasmi e di dimensioni parallele.

In quel periodo, Aykroyd stava collaborando con Ivan Reitman per una commedia ispirata al romanzo Guida Galattica per Autostoppisti di Douglas Adams.

Reitman rimase affascinato dall'idea di Aykroyd di una storia che vedeva coinvolti degli indagatori di fenomeni sovrannaturali e decise di dedicarsi alla realizzazione della sceneggiatura di Ghost Smashers poi rinominato Ghostbusters.

Lo sviluppo fu molto frenetico in quanto c'era solo un anno a disposizione per completare sceneggiatura e realizzazione.

Le riprese iniziarono verso la fine dell'ottobre e terminarono nel febbraio Inizialmente i protagonisti dovevano essere: John Belushi , lo stesso Aykroyd, John Candy ed Eddie Murphy , ma la prematura morte per overdose del primo e precedenti ingaggi per altri film dei secondi non lo permisero.

Pare che Aykroyd, scherzando sul set, ritenesse che Slimer fosse lo spirito dell'amico John Belushi o meglio il suo personaggio Bluto in Animal House.

Tra le altre idee, Gozer sarebbe dovuto apparire sotto le sembianze di Ivo Shandor ed essere interpretato da Paul Reubens.

Il personaggio fu poi affidato alla modella jugoslava anche per il suo accento dell'est Europa, ma successivamente, nella versione originale, fu doppiata da Paddi Edwards.

Il tempio di Gozer collocato in cima fu realizzato dal famoso scenografo ed art-designer John DeCuir Il veicolo utilizzato per l'Ecto 1 durante le riprese era un Cadillac Miller-Meteor del modificata in ambulanza.

Il marchio The Ghost Busters apparteneva alla Filmation , che nel aveva prodotto l' omonimo serie televisiva.

Gross produttore associato del film , ossia un fantasma bianco rinchiuso in cartello rosso di divieto. Alla fine, nel , il giudice Peter Leisure ritenne che "vi sono modi limitati per disegnare un fantasma".

Poco prima dell'uscita del film, sulle auto parcheggiate per le strade di New York vennero attaccati adesivi raffiguranti il logo del film.

Componendolo, le voci di Aykroyd e Murray lasciavano un messaggio simile a "Ciao! Siamo a caccia di fantasmi ora".

Il numero ricevette circa chiamate all'ora, per sei settimane. Il film rimase al numero uno del box office statunitense per cinque settimane consecutive incassando 23 milioni di dollari nella prima settimana, un record a suo tempo.

Si stima che il merchandising dei film e delle serie compresi i giocattoli e i gadget ad esse ispirati abbia portato ad un guadagno che supera il miliardo di dollari.

In Italia fu il maggior successo della stagione superando anche la commedia campione d'incassi Non ci resta che piangere.

Recensioni particolarmente positive gli furono date sul Newsweek da David Ansen " Everyone seems to be working toward the same goal of relaxed insanity.

Ghostbusters is wonderful summer nonsense " e sul Chicago Sun-Times da Roger Ebert " This movie is an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy.

Altre tre versioni in VHS uscirono nel collana "Winners" , nel e nel Ad ogni modo questa versione su laserdisc conteneva dei filmati inediti che non sono stati inclusi nelle edizioni in DVD e Blu-ray di Ghostbusters.

Sono presenti infatti diverse tracce contrassegnate come non usate nel film, altre tracce che contengono parti non usate, altre ancora che al contrario sono troncate prima che si concludano effettivamente nel film, sono poi presenti delle tracce le cui parti sono editate tra di loro in un modo diverso da come lo sono nel film, e altre, invece di corrispondere alla musica usata nel film, presentano musica provvisoria del tutto diversa, infine alcuni brani sono del tutto assenti.

Curiosamente questa pubblicazione non ufficiale assomiglia moltissimo a quella ufficiale del Negli anni ottanta erano molto popolari i giocattoli dei Ghostbusters della Kenner , ma in questo caso riguardavano i personaggi del cartone The Real Ghostbusters.

TV Homepage. Star Homepage. Streaming Homepage. Trova Cinema. Grande fratello. Vai a tutti i Film al cinema Ora al cinema. Lucifer 6: Le scene romantiche dei Deckerstar tagliate a causa dei protocolli anti-Covid?

Risponde il co-showrunner. Grande Fratello Vip, tutti contro Massimiliano Morra il 'gieffino fantasma'.

Vai alla guida TV Film ora in onda. Ghostbusters - Acchiappafantasmi Ghostbusters. Voto del pubblico. Regista: Ivan Reitman. Genere: Commedia , Fantasy.

Uscita al cinema il 18 novembre Durata minuti. Distribuito da Ceiad. Guardalo subito su Prime Video. Altri film simili.

Anno: Data di uscita: 18 novembre Regia: Ivan Reitman. Sceneggiatura: Dan Aykroyd , Harold Ramis.


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